August 30, 2015

Nicaragua Oceanfront Property For Sale, San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur

San Juan Del Sur

San Juan del Sur has long been Nicaragua’s most popular coastal town. For decades the small village thrived primarily on fishing; some wealthy Nicaraguan families did vacation here, but the town remained a secret to most travelers until the late 1990’s. Today, in addition to the surviving fishing industry, San Juan del Sur has held [...]

Nicaragua Beach Real Estate


We’re pretty passionate about this part of the world; we love the people, the amazing beauty of the country, and really enjoy helping others discover “The New Nicaragua” and Nicaragua Beach Real Estate. It was 1993 when our project manager first came to Nicaragua to check out the surfing. He immediately fell in love with [...]

San Juan del Sur Property


From homes in this community of San Juan del Sur Property you’ll be able to see the cruise ships as you sip your favorite cocktail enjoying world-class sunsets. You’ll enjoy the quiet, peaceful atmosphere, yet be moments from the market place, the restaurants along the beach, local crafts, private Spanish lessons, fishing trips, sailing, diving, [...]

Real Estate in Nicaragua

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Four things that make buying real estate in Nicaragua more popular For many baby boomer real estate shoppers these days the goal of appreciation has become a thing of the past. Whether searching for retirement living options or simply having a plan B, the criteria many now consider critical has changed dramatically since the bursting [...]

San Juan del Sur Oceanfront Property For Sale


Close your eyes and make a wish… you see perfect blue skies and a clear blue ocean, an opportunity to own oceanfront property at rock bottom prices – a dream answered… finally! Affordable San Juan del Sur Oceanfront Property For Sale! You awake and that wish has become a reality, but you find yourself standing [...]

Nicaragua Oceanfront Property


Nicaragua Oceanfront Real Estate is becoming a Hot Commodity Nicaragua, a diamond-in-the-rough Central American nation, is rapidly bursting the perception of not just the avid adventurer, but the savvy investor too. A country where two short decades ago the remnants of a raging civil war were still front and center, is now beckoning the world [...]

Buy Nicaragua Real Estate

Buy Nicaragua Real Estate

Nicaragua Real Estate – Right now, oceanfront land in Nicaragua isn’t on the minds of many real estate investors or retirees – but it should be. Every well known vacation destination in the world was once a place that few had heard of and even less had visited. In the early 1970’s, Spain’s Costa del [...]