August 29, 2015

San Juan del Sur

San Juan Del SurSan Juan del Sur has long been Nicaragua’s most popular coastal town. For decades the small village thrived primarily on fishing; some wealthy Nicaraguan families did vacation here, but the town remained a secret to most travelers until the late 1990’s. Today, in addition to the surviving fishing industry, San Juan del Sur has held on to her authenticity yet caters to a growing number of worldwide tourists that have become the backbone of the local economy.

The spectacular bay is surrounded by tropical hillsides that offer amazing panoramic views of the pacific by day, and world class sunsets at night. This setting is home to an array of beachfront restaurants where adventure seekers feast on fresh seafood or sip exotic local adult beverages.

San Juan del Sur’s small community and colorful local scene are easily discovered on foot. The marketplace in the center of town is home to an abundance of organically grown local fruits and vegetables that are sure to delight. Every day offers something new; from tranquil one day to busy another. The town welcomes business people, international backpackers, fishermen, surfers, volunteers, yachtsmen, cyclists, and students.

Visitors can horseback ride, zip line, surf, go turtle spotting, camp, scuba dive, sail, fish, or simply relax in a hammock. The Pacific Ocean here is clean and refreshing, and depending on the time of year – warm.

You’ll find virtually everything you can think of when it comes to enjoying the kind of vacation you like to take. Whether you prefer land excursions or water adventures, these activities are easily arranged and very affordable.

Transportation is abundant. Local car rentals, ATV’s, bicycles and more can be found. Buses depart every 45 minutes 6 to 8 times each day. Taxis are available daily for long or short trips. Water taxis are available for other area beaches.

Banks are plentiful in San Juan del Sur and nearby Rivas. Internet cafes start at 25 Cordobas (US $1.80) an hour and many have internet phones. Other available services include surfboard rentals, book stores, a library, laundry service, T’ shirt and beachwear vendors, real estate sales, and hotels and hostels.

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